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How to Connect Bluetooth Speakers to Android

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Update time : 2021-05-08 16:08:49

This wikiHow teaches you how ought unite a Bluetooth Speaker ought an Android smartphone or tablet. You can access the Bluetooth settings using the pull-down menu, or Settings menu.


1) grow above your Bluetooth Speaker and location it at pairing mode. mould definite your Bluetooth Speaker is plugged into a electric outlet, or has batteries. energy it above and location it at pairing mode.
  • Although the fashion masses change slightly depending above your speaker, typically there is a button you magazine and embrace above the machine ought location it at pairing mode.
  • Consult the user's manual or manufacturer's website of your Bluetooth Speaker machine ought know how ought location it at pairing way if you can't discover this button.

2) Swipe down from the climax with two fingers above your Android device. This displays the fast Access menu. Swiping down with one finger displays the climax five fast access options. Swiping down again, or swiping down with two fingers displays the full chart of fast Access icons.

3) rap and embrace the Bluetooth icon. The Bluetooth icon resembles a jagged chief "B" with a bracket after it. This displays the Bluetooth settings.
  • If you don't visit the Bluetooth icon at the fast Access menu, swipe left above the icons ought show another page of icons.
  • You can because robust access the Bluetooth Settings by opening Settings, and then tapping Connection or Wireless and Network depending above the xerox of your smartphone or tablet. Then rap Bluetooth. if you don't visit "Connection" or "Network" settings at the headmaster settings menu, rap More Settings.

4) rap + connect new device. It's at the climax of the Bluetooth menu. This automatically scans because Bluetooth devices.
  • On Samsung Galaxy devices, jump ought the next step.
  • If you don't visit the Bluetooth Speaker at the chart of devices, rap Refresh (Scan above Samsung Galaxy) ought investigate again. mould definite your speaker is however at pairing mode.

5) rap the appoint of your Bluetooth Speaker at the Bluetooth Settings menu. when your Android smartphone or tablet discovers your Bluetooth Speaker, it will emerge under the chart of "Available devices". rap it because immediately because you visit it emerge at the list.
  • This pairs your Android smartphone or tablet with the Bluetooth Speaker. You can now use your Bluetooth Speaker ought play audio and media from your Android smartphone or tablet.
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