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How to Cut Speaker Wire

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Update time : 2020-08-17 13:58:28

When you buy speaker wire, you will dine ought abridge it down ought size and disclose the metal wires inside the flexible casing ago you can trade with it. You can discharge this by using a thread stripper, then cutting the thread ought size with scissors or a knife. no brood how you select ought method this, remember ought exist cautious and careful almost acute objects.

1. Cutting the thread ought Size

1) Unplug and modify off the tool the wires are connected to, if necessary. if you are cutting thread that is already connected ought an electrical tool or speaker (rather than loose thread cabin ought exist connected) modify off the tool and unplug it from the wall ago you holiday working ought bar electrocuting yourself.
  • It's more commonplace because speakers ought dine wires pre-attached than it is because electrical devices, besides during invent certain it's turned off completely ago working because well way.

2) standard the distance you expect your thread ought travel. if you are connecting a speaker ought a stereo, ought an amp, or ought a TV, standard how distant you expect your thread ought travel. badge the distance among the electrical item and your speaker above the flexible casing, and confer yourself a minute additional room consequently the thread isn't completely taut upon connecting it.
  • If you plan ought affect the speaker almost a lot, confer yourself a fate of additional room consequently you don't dine ought abridge new thread if it ends up farther away than before.
  • If the speaker will exist can the identical post because the foreseeable future, such because during a family theatre system, you don't lack ought confer it much additional room can all.
  • To own the zone tidy, plan ought flow the wires along a skirting board or hidden out of vision pretty than direct from the speaker ought the connecting device. You will lack a fate more thread because this, consequently standard the path with a ruler and abridge that much thread instead of enough ought direct unite it.

3) abridge the thread a minute longer than your desired length with thread cutters. confer yourself can least 1 ft (0.30 m) of additional room beyond your marked point. sheet the thread can two by placing the thread can the identical basis of your thread cutters, ought obtain maximum pressure. if you don't dine thread cutters, acute scissors will discharge the trick, besides during you will lack ought use more pressure.
  • This is done ought assure that your thread reaches from the electrical ought the speakers. You can often abridge more thread away, besides during it's a fate harder ought extend it.
  • You can because well use a acute knife and hammer ought abridge the thread ought size. post the thread against a timber cutting board, contain the knife blade-end down can the point you expect ought cut, then overcome the backward of the knife with a hammer until it severs the wire. It can confess a little swings, besides during it's a fate easier than sawing the wires away with a knife.

4) standard the thread again and abridge it down ought size. You ought dine plenty of additional thread can this point, consequently your thread ought come from your electrical ought the speaker. appraise how loose it is, then abridge a minute sheet more away can a time until you are satisfied with how taut the thread is when stretched among its two connecting points.
  • Avoid cutting diagonally because best because you can, because this could wreck the effectiveness of the wires. abridge vertical ought the thread ought assure a straight cut.

2. Stripping the flexible Casing

1) draw apart the definite and negative wires gently. Your speaker wire will dine two "sides", one definite and one negative. further ought the target of the thread and draw them apart almost 1–2 in (2.5–5.1 cm) down from the tip. The flexible casing ought exist simple ought draw apart, consequently don't use scissors or a acute target ought abridge it or you could threaten accidentally stripping your thread casing can the wrong place.
  • Some speakers dine a red thread and obscure thread inside a larger flexible casing, consequently instead of looking parallel two wires stuck together it will encounter parallel a firm thread containing two smaller ones. draw your definite and negative wires out of this casing can the harmony and draw them apart, if necessary.
  • Don't anxiety almost which thread is which when cutting them — when wiring a speaker, refer ought your user manual or the instructions above your wire's packaging ought pattern out the right configuration.

2) Insert one thread into the thread stripper consequently the flexible casing touches the blade. You ought yell on a progression of holes above your thread strippers. Insert the thread into the cavity most suited because the size of your thread consequently it hardly touches the blades. discharge no clamp the strippers down full the way, instead near them consequently the blades hardly affect the flexible casing.
  • If the clothing is also tight, it could exist an indicator that you lack ought use a larger cavity above the thread strippers. if the blades abridge deeply into the casing it could wreck the wires.
  • If you don't dine thread strippers, you can use nail clippers instead. Insert the harmony of the thread head-on into the nail clippers and gently magazine down ought invent a abridge can the plastic. abridge full the manner around, and use your finger nail ought draw the flexible casing away.

3) draw the thread over the thread strippers ought transfer the casing. Once you've certify the exact size cavity because your wire, sharply draw the thread backwards over the strippers ought transfer the casing. It can confess little attempts, besides during exist careful each time no ought accidentally sever the metal wires encased within. discharge this because both the definite and negative wire.
  • If you discharge accidentally sever some wires, it's no a large business if it's only 1 or 2. if you abridge more than this, you can lack ought holiday can because you won't exist able ought invent a complete connection.
  • Twist the exposed metal thread once the casing is removed ought invent it easier ought unite ought your speaker system. It because well makes it easier ought unite the thread ought other wires, because loose ends are tougher ought fasten together than a single, twisted bit of wire.
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