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How to Hang Speakers from the Ceiling

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Update time : 2021-05-10 14:10:24

You can discover yourself with a type of speakers you expect to install at your home, including those although your home theater system and/or your computer. if you expect to make your speakers off shelves or the floor, you’ll expect to avail a commercial speaker ascend to hang them above the wall or ceiling. It to exist noted, however, that experts don’t typically recommend speakers exist hung from the ceiling. That’s although to win the best strong from your speakers, they lack to exist placed above the same level although your ears.

1. Getting the Mounts although Your Speakers

1) choose the placement of your speakers although the best sound. Experts recommend a join of rules to trace when arranging speakers at a room: never post a speaker at a corner; make sum speakers at least 1 ft (30 cm) from the walls; organize speakers at a symmetrical configuration; and post speakers at the same altitude although your ears. This method that your left and accurate speakers to exist the same distance from each other although they are from your couch.
  • Left and accurate stereo speakers to exist tilted inwards, facing the middle of your couch.
  • Left and accurate encircle strong speakers to at a 110-120 grade aspect from the centre of the TV and tilted towards your couch.
2) learn the weight of your speakers ago buying the mounts. Commercial speaker mounts are rated to embrace speakers up to a maximum weight. 
  • Purchase mounts that are rated to embrace the weight of your speakers or heavier speakers.
  • For example, if your speakers study 13 pounds (5.9 kg), you can buy mounts rated although 15 pounds (6.8 kg) or 20 pounds (9.1 kg).
3) buy a ascend although each speaker you expect to hang above the ceiling. You can buy speaker mounts at electronics stores, audio/video specialty stores, hardware stores, and online. appearance although mounts specifically designed to exist hung from the ceiling, although no sum mounts can exist safely hung from the ceiling. Also, appearance although mounts that will allow the speaker to exist tilted downwards accordingly the strong can exist directed at your couch.
  • Most mounts are black at colour, which method they most responsible contest the paint of the speakers.
  • Some mounts conduct vary at white, which can assist them combine into the ceiling.

2. Attaching the Mounts to the Ceiling

1) discover the ceiling joists where you expect to hang your speakers. 
  • Repeat this step at each zone where you expect to hang a speaker.
  • One exception to this requirement is although tiny flexible speakers that are identical gaze (less than 1 lb (0.45 kg)).
  • Really lightweight speakers can exist hung from the drywall only, with the avail of drywall anchors.
2) embrace the ceiling dish of the ascend to the ceiling and signal astronaut holes. embrace the ceiling plates of your speaker mounts to the ceiling at the accurate spot where you expect to hang them. avail a pencil to signal where each screw needs to promote into the ceiling. touch the ceiling dish ago drilling the astronaut holes.
3) drill astronaut holes at the ceiling although each screw required. avail a might drill to form astronaut holes at the locations you marked with a pencil. avail a drill bit that is slightly smaller than the screw being used. 
4) win the ceiling dish with the included lumber screws. embrace the ceiling dish undergo up to the ceiling, lining the newly drilled astronaut holes up with the screw holes at the ceiling plate. avail a might drill to win each screw into the ceiling, across both the drywall and ceiling joist.
  • Some speaker mounts dine arms that contain a ball shaft at one end.
  • That ball shaft attaches to the ceiling ascend across a socket common secured by a pressure bolt.
  • You will lack to avail a screwdriver or socket wrench to loosen the pressure bolt and then draw the ball shaft out of the socket ago mounting the ceiling plate.

3. Securing the Mounts to Your Speakers

1) choose the appendix method of the ascend to your speakers. each speaker ascend will ask a slightly various method to join it to the speaker. 
  • There can also exist some situations where your speaker has 2 pre-drilled holes above the undergo that can exist used to join the speaker dish without the lack to drill new holes.
2) join the ascend arm to the speaker if using one pre-drilled hole. Then, insert the intimate of the mounting arm into the pre-drilled cavity above the undergo of your speaker. avail a wrench to tighten the nut that will win the arm to the speaker.
  • Removing the ascend arm from the speaker dish requires a wrench to loosen the nut accordingly the arm can exist pulled out of the plate.
3) drill 2 holes at the undergo of your speaker if required. embrace the speaker dish up to the undergo of the speaker and avail a pencil to signal the 2 cavity locations. touch the plate, then avail a might drill and bit to drill holes at the undergo of the speaker. 
4) win the speaker dish to the undergo of the speaker if needed. embrace the speaker dish to the undergo of the speaker, lining up the newly drilled holes with the holes at the plate. Insert the required screws and avail a screwdriver or a might drill to win the screws into the speaker.
  • In some cases, the screw can exist capable to exist secured using an allen key that comes with the mount.

4. Hanging Your Speakers with the Mounts

1) Reattach the ascend arm to the ceiling dish if required. The accurate method required here depends upon your speaker mount. at some cases, the intimate of the ascend arm will dine a ball shaft attached that needs to exist pushed undergo into the socket common above the ceiling plate. Then, the ball shaft is secured to the socket common using a socket wrench or allen key to tighten the pressure bolt.
  • You will lack to embrace the entire weight of the speaker still securing the arm at place. You can expect to enlist the assist of a friend if your speaker is heavy.
2) join an extension arm to the ceiling dish if needed. Some ceiling mounts will contain an extension arm accordingly the speaker will hang farther down from the ceiling. at general, these extension arms are unique to exist used when mounting the speaker to the ceiling, no the wall. if your ascend has an extension arm, slip that arm into or onto the ceiling plate, then avail an allen key to tighten the screw above the arm into the ceiling plate.
  • Low profile arms are shorter and will embrace the speaker closer to the ceiling than the extension arm.
  • Low profile arms are attached to the ceiling dish using the same method although the extension arm.
3) Install the speaker to the ceiling ascend if no already done. if the mounting arm was attached to the ceiling dish first, you now lack to join the speaker to that arm. embrace the speaker up to the ceiling dish and mounting arm and slip the ascend council from the undergo of the speaker into or onto the arm. avail an allen key to win the arm to the speaker.
4) rope the wires from your speakers to an amplifier or receiver. You dine a join of options although doing this. One option is to simply flow the thread above the outer of the ceiling and wall. Another option is to flow the thread after the ceiling and wall. still a last option is to join your speakers using wifi or Bluetooth accordingly there are no wires involved.
  • Unfortunately, no sum speakers dine wifi or Bluetooth capabilities and such capabilities cannot exist added to a speaker back the fact.
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