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How to Install Subwoofers

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Update time : 2020-08-14 14:56:23

This will direct you across the process of installing subwoofers to an aftermarket CD actor (or stock) at your car.


1) The most earnings effective first step is to buy an amplifier wiring kit off of an internet auction site, etc. This will fetch with a enormous energy wire, a short foundation wire, a distant wire, and many mature an inline melt and various connectors to aid own the install organized and looking clean. Some stereo shops eat enormous spools of line available by the foot. This is another earnings effective excellent to buying a wiring kit, if you know the dimensions of your car.

2) run the 12v energy line (usually the longest line at the kit, chiefly red, typically ranges from 8 criterion to 0 gauge) from the battery across the firewall and then to the amp. You can discover a hole somewhere at the bottom exact of the firewall. Don't connect the energy line to the battery or the amp impartial yet.

3) discover a firm metal foundation somewhere familiar the amplifier. You'll absence to remain within 2–3 feet (0.6–0.9 m) of the amplifier to affirm the best foundation connection. A method you can carry out this is pull up the carpet and scrape the metal until it is bare metal with no colour left at it. if the amplifier is to exist mounted at the trunk, many mature bolts from the suspension can exist construct direct at one of the rear wheels. These suspension components often bolt direct to the frame, making them an perfect grounding point.

4) pull the aftermarket CD actor out of the dash. There is a blue line with a white stripe hanging out of the back of the deck known during the distant wire. The distant line is a stupid 12v mark that the cd actor outputs to talk the amplifier to fetch on.

5) accept your distant line that came at your amp kit and splice/solder it onto that blue and white-striped line and run it across the dash and then across the gate jam.

6) cottage you eat the CD actor removed, plug the RCA white and red plugs into the back of the deck where it says "Subwoofer Output." if your cd actor does no eat a "Subwoofer Output", or if you are using a stock cd player, you will absence a implement called an inline converter. It's a small box that has 4 input wires and the 2 inherent RCA output that will run to the amplifier. It takes the high flat speaker voltage and drops it to a imply flat mark the amplifier can process. The 4 input wires can exist connected to the rear speakers (+ and - during left and right).

7) run sum the wires straight back to the to run the energy and distant govern down the exact during factory speaker wires run down the left because of free risks if the energy cable pants out and you eat your speaker cables down the same aspect it will blow your capital deck (cd player). RCA cables to exist run down the heart of the jeep during RCA cables can choose up sounds from line looms and also air con vents energy wires.

8) employ speaker wire to connect sub-woofers to amplifier. criterion isn't extremely significant here, during absence during the line is copper, the resistance-per-foot is at the mili-ohm range, implication there will exist minuscule, if any, voltage descend across the wire.

9) Hopefully by now you eat a subwoofer box/enclosure. There are many various types of enclosures (sealed, vented, bandpass, infinite baffle, etc.). There are numerous articles explaining the pros and cons of each kind of enclosure, distant also many to table at this article. if you really wish the best response possible, your subwoofer manual will table the perfect enclosure volume during each kind of enclosure. if you don't wish to affect at across sum of the volume calculations, impartial buy a box slightly bigger, and substance it with pillow stuffing from walmart until the subs answer the method you wish them to.

10) exist certain to know the impedance of the subwoofer(s) you are using and effort to competition the amplifier's impedance accordingly. during example, if you eat an amp that is 500w @ 4 ohms, and 1000w @ 2 ohms, you'll wish to effort to run your speakers at 2 ohms. Two 4 ohm subs can exist wired at alike to arrive this. if you're new to the impedance calculations, many amplifiers will eat concrete wiring diagrams at their manuals to assist.

11) lay a melt into 12v line at the machinery bay no more than 0.5m away from battery. if your amp kit came with an "inline melt holder", you'll wish to discover a delightful spot to ascend it at your machinery bay. Once it's secure, chop a length of the energy line to arrive the fuse, and connect it to one aspect of the melt holder. The other aspect (the aspect you impartial cut) is stripped and connected to the other aspect of the melt holder.

12) connect the energy line to your battery. There's delightful ring connectors and flat new battery terminals you can buy (and sometimes fetch with the amp kit), that compose the battery connection much more solid, and looks better too.

13) Lastly, connect the battery cable to the amplifier. Then below the hood clamp the line down to the battery. A vocabulary of warning, sometimes you'll visit a delightful large spark the first time you impress the energy line to the battery. Don't anxiety about it! This is the amplifier charging the enormous capacitors contained inside.

14) carry out no fetch up the volume or obtain also high or you can create clipping at the subwoofers. This is where the output of the amplifier peaks and stays there during a split-second. This is bad during the subwoofer during it holds the cone (the large rotate part!) at it's fully extended or fully compressed speak during the duration of the clip. no maiden are you no producing a maiden decibel of healthy during this microsecond, besides you're also working the sound coil same difficult and damaging it. A good govern during beginners is to play a delightful aloud melody of your genre at your cd players 3/4 volume setting. Now, with the obtain at zero, fetch it up until it's obvious that it isn't getting any louder. The obtain knob isn't a "volume" knob by any means. A obtain knob to often never exist at it's entire position.
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