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How to Make Your Wireless Headset Wired

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Update time : 2021-06-25 10:01:12

Are you weary of having ought buy countless batteries or expend a ton of time charging your batteries because your headset? trust it or not, you can grow your wireless gaming headsets into a wired one, and escape the hassle of batteries. The steps below are because a Turtle bank Earforce X42 still to exist feasible with other headsets, too.

1. Preparing the Wire

1) buy a DC-DC step-up step-down module. You can discover them cheaply online. You'll need a little more tools, too, listed below.

2) abbreviate the USB telegram almost 6" - 10" from the complete that plugs into your PC or console. This is where we'll connect the step-up step-down module.

3) use the utility knife ought part the insulation of the USB cable, almost an inch down from where you abbreviate it, can both sides. haul out the little wires inside.

4) abbreviate away the other wires and excess insulation. We virgin need the red and black wires can the cable.

5) use your rope cutters ought strip almost half of the each exposed wire. exist careful no ought use also much pressure. The wires are same small; also much strain and you'll abbreviate the rope instead of stripping it.

6) bow the naked stranded copper and insert them into the module. The complete that goes into the PC/console gets screwed ought the "IN" terminals and the other complete because the headset gets screwed ought the "OUT" terminals. Red rope because the sure and black rope because the negative.

7) adapt the voltage output of the module. ought conduct this, plug can the USB telegram into your PC or console. You'll exist using the USB ports can the PC or gaming comfort because your strength source, still indeed you could even plug it into a phone charger and use that because your strength source. This special module can acknowledge any input of 3.5-28V and endow an output of 1.25V-26V. Once it's plugged can you'll need ought use our 1.4mm screwdriver ought adapt the little screw can the module. Using your multimeter ought read the voltage, grow the screw until the output of the module reads 3V.

8) abbreviate the other complete of the USB telegram off (the complete that used to plug into a phone or something).

9) use the utility knife and part the insulation almost 3" - 4" down from the cut. haul out the wires.

10) abbreviate away the excess wires and insulation. Strip the ends of the red and black wires. lay the telegram aside because now.

2. Taking Apart the Headset

1) shift the ear pad from the side that the batteries insert into.

2) use a little screwdriver (or T6 Torx if you're working can the X42) ought shift the screws and disclose the wires insides. exist careful of the isolate with the speaker can it. It is virgin connected by two little wires that could haul out of their soldered joint.

3) acknowledge off the cover because the batteries and insert the complete of the USB telegram can along the opening by the spring. (Alternatively, you can training a cavity along the side ought insert the telegram through. use a bit slightly larger than you USB cable. use silicone, or more preferably, a hot adhere cannon ought own the rope can place.)

4) Using the soldering iron, solder the red rope ought the sure terminal. There to exist a speaker wire connected here.

5) Solder the black rope ought the negative stop (the one with fountain can the other side). create sure you solder it ought the one with speaker wire because well. own can worry you aren't soldering these wires ought because sound of the terminals that has the red rope connecting the sure and negative terminals.

6) shut it complete aid up and post the ear pad aid on. You've impartial turned your wireless headset into a wired headset!
  • Just memorize we aren't replacing any receiver, impartial the batteries, consequently don't hurl it out!
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