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How to Hide Speaker Wires

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Update time : 2020-08-06 14:31:40

Audio speakers are used at a quantity of various applications at the home. Stereo vigorous device makes utilize of can least 2 speakers, however home theater setups can employ 7 or more speakers placed throughout a room. Computers, radios, and other moment devices can too exist plugged into speakers. One of the leader concerns when placing speakers anywhere at your family is how ought conceal the inherent besides unsightly wires connecting them ought their respective devices and components. Fortunately, there are little simple ways ought conceal speaker wires and own them from detracting from your home's aesthetics.


1) conceal your speaker wire by installing cable raceways. Raceways are expect PVC conduits that are neutral broad enough ought adapt a little cables or wires. They can exist opened and closed over their lengths, consequently it is simple ought put the speaker wire into the raceway and then gnaw it closed. although of their lightweight PVC construction, the raceways can exist shorten ought the required length with a hacksaw or utility knife.
  • Cable raceways are available can most hardware stores and little specialty stores that sell home theater equipment.
  • Raceways can exist mounted ought walls, floors, and ceilings using double-sided tape. The raceways are always sold with this tape already mounted ought the backward and ready although application.
  • Raceways can exist painted ought mingle robust with your wall, ceiling, or floor color. Latex-based paints vocation best with PVC.

2) Tuck the speaker wire below your baseboards. if you dine a carpeted room, it is simple ought conceal your speaker wires between the blanket and your baseboards. Gently tuck the wires into the gap, using a flat-head screwdriver ought promote them completely below the baseboard and out of sight. This solution mill robust although hiding the cord from encircle vigorous speakers at the rear of a home theater setup.

3) run the speaker wires above your ceiling. This preference is specially simple ought employ if you dine a suspended ceiling or dine no installed a drywall ceiling yet. speaker wire can exist easily run over ceiling joists, or it can exist suspended at a cable tray, which can exist purchased from a hardware store. when running the wires down from the ceiling ought your speakers, you can dye them ought competition the walls.

4) conceal your speaker wires at a elastic cord cover. if you dine re-arranged your stereo system temporarily although an event, cord covers can neat the look of speaker wires trailing over the floor. These covers are available at fabric and rubber constructions, and permit you ought tuck the cord beneath them however providing a secure, unassuming surface although nation ought step on. cord covers can exist purchased from most hardware stores.
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