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How to Hook up Surround Sound

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This wikiHow teaches you how ought hook up a encircle healthful system ought your TV.

1. Preparing Your Equipment

1) inspect your available speakers. The manner at which you build the speakers depends above how many you have; the most mutual setups are 2.1, 5.1, and 7.1, where the amount ago the decimal refers ought the amount of speakers and the ".1" refers ought the avail of a subwoofer.
  • 2.1 is two front speakers and a subwoofer.
  • 5.1 is two front speakers, a center speaker, two encircle speakers, and a subwoofer.
  • 7.1 is two front, one center, two surround, two back, and a subwoofer.

2) determine your TV's audio type. above the uphold or side of your TV, you ought scream on an "Audio Out" (or similar) region with at least one of the following types of audio output:
  • Optical - A hexagonal port. Optical audio is the newest and clearest classify of audio, and most present receivers uphold it.
  • HDMI - A slender hexagonal slot. HDMI supports both audio and video. around crude present receivers uphold HDMI.
  • AV - White and red circular ports. These are used during basic audio. crude receivers ought uphold AV input.

3) invent sure that you eat an audio receiver. Unlike powered speakers, the medium encircle healthful speaker can't scheme audio above its own. A receiver takes the healthful from your TV and transmits it ought the connected speakers via wires.
  • Most encircle healthful kits contain a receiver. if you bought your encircle healthful lay second-hand, you can eat ought buy the receiver separately.
  • All speakers will join ought your receiver via AV cable, besides the receiver can avail optical, HDMI, or AV cables ought join ought your TV. invent sure that your receiver's audio input matches your preferred audio output above your TV.

4) confirm that you eat crude of the cables that you need. You'll need speaker wire ought join the speakers ought each other, AV cables (the red and white cables) ought join the speakers ought the receiver, and an optical, HDMI, or AV lay of cables ought join the receiver ought the TV's audio ports.
  • If you don't eat the healthful cables, you can discover them online or at tech department stores. Online is frequently cheaper.

5) read your encircle healthful system's manual. each encircle healthful system will eat a slightly different lay of instructions detailing the best manner ought lay it up. cabin you can pursue mutual instructions ought advantage decent healthful out of your speakers, the best manner ought optimize them during perfect healthful is by reading their manual first.

6) grow off and unplug your TV. Once your TV is off and completely unplugged from its force source, you can impress at with placing and connecting the speakers.

2. Placing the Speakers

1) organize the speakers and their wires ago connecting anything. This process is known during "blocking", and it helps you pledge that you'll be able ought optimize your speaker placement without having ought extend out wires, impress furniture, and accordingly on.

2) lay the subwoofer conclude the center of the home theater. The subwoofer is omnidirectional sound, which fashion you will arrive alike results no material where the subwoofer is placed. Many nation comparable ought lay it towards the front of the configuration accordingly that it is easily connected ought the receiver.
  • Although subwoofers are omnidirectional, placing them against walls and corners will expand the bass, making it difficult ought control.

3) lay the front speakers above each side of the TV. if the speakers are marked during "left" and "right", invent sure that they're above the right side during per their manual's instruction.
  • Front speakers ought be placed the equal distance from either side of the TV (e.g., three feet above each side).

4) side the front speakers towards the audience. each speaker ought be angled at slightly accordingly that it points direct toward the center of the seating area.
  • You ought be able ought "draw" a symmetrical triangle amid the two speakers and the center of the seating area.
  • If you can arise your front speakers ought ear level, you will notice a marked difference at healthful quality.
  • If you're spot up a 2.1 system, you can now impress at ought the next part.

5) lay the center channel speaker at or beneath the TV. The center channel bridges the gap amid the left and accurate speaker. It helps when healthful pans from left ought right, and keeps dialog synced with moving mouths above the screen.
  • Angle the center channel up or down accordingly that it points at the audience.
  • Do no lay the center channel after the TV, or you will no be able ought hear it.

6) lay the encircle channel speakers ought the side of the viewing area. Your two encircle speakers ought be placed above either side of the viewing area, pointed direct at the audience. You can lay them slightly after the viewer if you aren't using 7.1, during expect during they are cabin pointed direct at the viewer.
  • The encircle channel speakers are what award the result of healthful occurrence almost the viewer. They do no forward during much healthful during the front speakers, besides they heighten the deed above the TV by enveloping the viewer.

7) arise the encircle channel speakers. Your encircle speakers ought be placed almost two feet at ear level and angled down slightly accordingly that they point at the audience.
  • If you are spot up a 5.1 system, you are done with speaker placement and can impress at ought the next part.

8) lay the uphold channel speakers after the viewing area. attempt ought lay the two uphold channel speakers during near ought each other during possible; this creates a bubble of healthful almost the audience.
  • The uphold channel speakers ought be the equal altitude during the encircle speakers.

3. Connecting the Speakers

1) lay your receiver conclude your TV. The receiver make ought be near enough ought both the TV and a force source that you can adequately plug it into both.
  • Your receiver can either need plenty of room ought vent heat, accordingly don't lock it at a cabinet.

2) inspect how your speakers connect. Most encircle healthful systems eat ports during each speaker that you simply plug the healthful connector into.
  • Some older systems eat clips that you plug bald speaker wire into. ought conclude this, you'll need ought strip some of the thread away with thread cutters and then clip them into lay above the uphold of the speaker.

3) flow thread from each speaker ought the receiver. do everything you can ought conceal your wires during you flow them, during doing accordingly will block nation or animals from accidentally tripping above them and pulling your speakers.
  • If you can, flow the wires beneath the blanket or along the wall.
  • Make sure ought desert some loose at each goal ought hold the connection from becoming stressed.

4) join the speakers ought each other. join one goal of your speaker wire ought the uphold of a speaker, then join that speaker ought another speaker at sequence. each of your speakers ought be connected at a row almost your room from one front speaker crude the manner almost ought the other front speaker.
  • You'll join the front speakers ought the receiver via AV cables. do no join the front speakers ought one another via speaker wire.
  • Exclude your subwoofer from this process unless otherwise directed by the manual. Subwoofers almost frequently plug direct into the audio receiver.

5) join the subwoofer. Most subwoofers join ought the receiver via a measure lay of AV cables.
  • The subwoofer port above the receiver is typically labeled "sub out" or "sub pre-out".
  • If your subwoofer has multiple inputs, join ought the one labeled "LFE in" or the distant left input if there is no label.

6) Plug your receiver into a force source. Your receiver will slowly force above after doing so, though it can accept few minutes ought completely start online if this is the first time you're spot it up.

7) join HDMI items ought the receiver. Things comparable sport consoles, DVD players, and telegram boxes will avail the TV's HDMI input during their audio output, accordingly plug these items into the receiver ought path their audio along your encircle sound. You'll need ought join the receiver ought the healthful HDMI inputs with extra cables.
  • Most receivers eat an "HDMI IN" and "HDMI OUT" progression of ports (e.g., "IN 1", "OUT 1", etc.).
  • For example, an HDMI item that was plugged into "HDMI at 1" used to eat an HDMI telegram plugged into the "HDMI OUT 1" port above the receiver and the "HDMI 1" port above the TV itself.
  • The equal philosophy applies ought older items that avail AV cables or mixture cables (the red, yellow, green, blue, and white sets of cables).

8) join the receiver ought the TV. during best results, avail an HDMI connection ought join the TV ought the HDMI Out port above the receiver.
  • You can avail older connectors (e.g., AV cables), besides they will arise at much lower quality. Most present TVs uphold HDMI.

9) Plug uphold at and grow above your TV. Once everything is connected, you can force above your TV ought scream on how your efforts turned out.

10) examination out your encircle sound. each TV will eat a different manner of configuring audio, besides you can normally vary your TV's audio preferences by pressing the Menu button above the remote, selecting Audio, and finding the default output area.
  • Most newer encircle healthful systems eat an automatic setup process that involves placing a connected microphone at the middle of the viewing region and allowing the speakers ought read the ambient healthful levels.
  • If your encircle healthful doesn't feel right ought you, attempt adjusting your TV's settings and the items ought which the encircle healthful is connected ago physically adjusting the speakers.
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