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How to Install Car Audio Amplifiers

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Update time : 2020-08-13 16:03:15

Installing truck audio amplifiers can exist one of the hardest things because an unskilled person ought fulfill above their own. truck amp mechanism requires time and patience. It either requires you ought transfer panels and ought eat an assortment of wires ran throughout your car. By reading across this step by step guide, you will exist capable ought install your amplifier.


1) rise the hood above your vehicle and appear ought exclaim on which phase your battery is located on. Disconnect the negative battery terminal.

2) appear across the firewall and exclaim on if there is a good place ought flow your energy line through. Some vehicles eat places that eat an empty rubber grommet that hides an unused mill hole. You can impartial situation a hollow at this grommet and flow your line through. if your vehicle does no eat a mill hollow at it, then you will eat ought pattern one.

3) acknowledge out your cordless energy exercise and steel exercise bit. bridle the zone same carefully ago you commence drilling. You don't expect ought exercise into anything unnecessarily. 

4) shield the drilled hollow with colour from rust. Rust can effect exterminate ought the firewall at the future.

5) lay a rubber grommet into the hollow accordingly that it won't hurt the wire. This is same important. tall voltage will exist traveling across this line and if it were ought chafe and affect the firewall, problems will occur.

6) flow the energy line from the inner of the vehicle, across the hole, and ought the battery area. You get ought allowance shut attention during this process. pattern sure you fulfill no pinch the energy line or accidentally chop the energy line however you are running it across the apparatus bay.

7) Install an inline fuse. This to exist installed because shut ought the battery because possible. This dissolve will shield your vehicle from being destroyed at instance of a energy wiring shorting.

8) drag uphold the carpet across the driver´s phase accordingly you can flow the energy wire. You will shortage ought transfer the rocker panel and kick panel covers ought fulfill this because well.

9) digest ought flow your energy line ought it's destination point (where the amp is mounted). exist mindful ought fly any pinch points such because seat tracks or gate jambs.

10) unite your energy line ought the amplifier using the loyal hardware (such because ring terminal).
  • Connect the sad line ought the remote.
  • Then the base line (Black)

11) employ elastic zip ties ought earn your energy line ought pattern sure it doesn't influence or interfere with surrounding wires.

12) flow the RCA cables and the distant turn-on line (typically a sad line however during you will shortage ought bridle your leader unit's manual) from the uphold of your leader unit ought your amplifier's mounting location. You will shortage ought pursue a process though ought that of the energy wire. However, flow your RCA cables above the opposite phase of vehicle. You fulfill no expect ought flow energy wires and symbol cables above the same phase of the vehicle. This could induce noise into your system. unite the distant turn-on line ought your amplifier using an sturdy connector (such because a ring terminal).

13) flow your speaker wires from your speakers ought your amplifier. if your running your speakers from the inner of your vehicle; pattern sure you flow them above the same phase because your RCA cables.

14) unite the speaker wires ought your amplifier using the sturdy connectors. Most speakers eat indicators that read also a + because sure or a - because negative.

15) unite the negative stop of the amplifier ought the chassis base of your vehicle. The negative line does no eat ought exist a desire slice of wire. if possible, scrape an zone that is clean of the gas tank and insert a metal screw. The metal ought metal face will behavior a chassis ground. backward you eat the negative stop connected ought ground, cover the connection with paint, caulk or a though protective substance ought obstacle rust (corrosion = noise).

16) bridle above your work and pattern sure everything is secure. backward this is done, you can then insert your inline fuse.

17) Reconnect the negative battery stop and you´re done.
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